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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
ITL Finlease & Securities Limited ITLFIN26-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
KNR Constructions Limited KNRCON26-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201824-Sep-2018AGM/Final Dividend Re. 040/- per share
Rajvir Industries Limited RAJVIR26-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
SNS Properties And Leasing Limited SNSPL26-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Technocraft Industries (India) Limited TIIL26-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited TTML26-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
U P Electricals Limited UPELECT26-Sep-2018 - 01-Oct-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Usher Agro Limited USHERAGRO26-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201824-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Bartronics India Limited BARTRONICS27-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
CIL Nova Petrochemicals Limited CNOVAPETRO27-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Jindal Cotex Limited JINDCOT27-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Metkore Alloys & Industries Limited METKORE27-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Sanwaria Consumer Limited SANWARIA27-Sep-2018 - 30-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Svarnim Trade Udyog Limited SVARNIM27-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Uttaranchal Leasing Limited ULL27-Sep-2018 - 30-Sep-201825-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Veto Switchgears Cables Limited VETO27-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201825-Sep-2018AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Hinduja Global Solutions Limited HGS28-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201826-Sep-2018AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 2.50/- per share
Ojswi Trades Investment And Finance Limited OJSWI28-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201826-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Tanla Solutions Limited TANLA28-Sep-2018 - 28-Sep-201826-Sep-2018AGM/Final Dividend Re. 0.30/- per share
Temple Leasing And Finance Limited TLFL28-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201826-Sep-2018Annual General Meeting
Winmore Leasing And Holdings Limited WINMORE28-Sep-2018 - 29-Sep-201826-Sep-2018AGM/Final Dividend Re. 0.20/- pe share
Accelya Kale Solutions Limited ACCELYA01-Oct-2018 - 10-Oct-201827-Sep-2018AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 32/- eper share
Igarashi Motors India Limited IGARASHI28-Sep-201827-Sep-2018Bonus 25 : 202
Redington (India) Limited REDINGTON28-Sep-201827-Sep-2018Buy Back Shares
KIOCL Limited KIOCL01-Oct-201828-Sep-2018Buy Back of Equity Share