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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
Monnet Ispat and Energy Limited AIONJSW16-Jul-2020 - 22-Jul-202014-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
SKF India Limited SKFINDIA16-Jul-2020 - 23-Jul-202014-Jul-2020AGM/Special Dividend Rs. 130/- per share
Tata Power Company Limited TATAPOWER16-Jul-2020 - 30-Jul-202014-Jul-2020AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 1.55/- per share
Tube Investments of India Limited TIINDIA17-Jul-2020 - 23-Jul-202015-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
Wendt (India) Limited WENDT17-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202015-Jul-2020AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 25/- per share
Petronet LNG Limited PETRONET16-Jul-202015-Jul-2020Final Dividend Rs. 7/- per share
Hillridge Investments Limited HILLRIDGE19-Jul-2020 - 27-Jul-202016-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
Nath Bio-Genes (India) Limited NATHBIOGEN19-Jul-2020 - 23-Jul-202016-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
ABB India Limited ABB18-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 4.80/- per share
Astec Lifesciences Limited ASTEC18-Jul-2020 - 21-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 1.50/- per share
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited BBTC18-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 1.20/- per share
Coromandel International Limited COROMANDEL18-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 12/- per share
Grindwell Norton Limited GRINDWELL18-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/Final Dividend Rs. 7.50/- per share
Lakshmi Machine Works Limited LAXMIMACH18-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 10/- per share
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited M&M18-Jul-2020 - 07-Aug-202016-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 2.35/- per share
Piramal Enterprises Limited PEL18-Jul-2020 - 30-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 14/- per share
Persistent Systems Limited PERSISTENT18-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-202016-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
Visaka Industries Limited VISAKAIND18-Jul-2020 - 23-Jul-202016-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited CLNINDIA18-Jul-202016-Jul-2020AGM/ Special Dividend Rs. 140/- per share
Tata Consultancy Services Limited TCS17-Jul-202016-Jul-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 5/- per share
The Indian Hotels Company Limited INDHOTEL21-Jul-2020 - 27-Jul-202017-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Re. 0.50/- per share
Shankara Building Products Limited SHANKARA21-Jul-2020 - 29-Jul-202017-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited SRIPIPES21-Jul-2020 - 27-Jul-202017-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 7/- per share
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited GLAXO20-Jul-202017-Jul-2020AGM/Final Div Rs. 20/- & Special Div Rs. 20/-
Graphite India Limited GRAPHITE22-Jul-2020 - 28-Jul-202020-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
Newgen Software Technologies Limited NEWGEN22-Jul-2020 - 27-Jul-202020-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Oriental Hotels Limited ORIENTHOT22-Jul-2020 - 28-Jul-202020-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Re. 0.20/- per share
Tejas Networks Limited TEJASNET22-Jul-2020 - 28-Jul-202020-Jul-2020Annual General Meeting
VST Industries Limited VSTIND22-Jul-2020 - 29-Jul-202020-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 103/- per share
IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited IRB24-Jul-2020 - 28-Jul-202022-Jul-2020AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 5/- per share